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The Right Chemistry: Intermittent Fasting

3 Feb 2020

Video of Dr. Joe Schwarcz on the possible validity of intermittent fasting

Instagram Can Undermine Your Plan to Lose Weight

8 Jan 2020

This article was first published in The Montreal Gazette....

There's No Single True Path to Weight Loss

1 Feb 2019

This article was first published in The Montreal Gazette.

Dr. Oz's Lingo Needs to be Detoxified

20 Mar 2017

To anyone with a scientific bent, Dr. Oz continues to be a source of amazement, amusement and frustration. His most recent foray into optimizing our health takes him down the “detox” path. It’s a...

Dr. Oz and the Fast Metabolism Diet

20 Mar 2017

So.. Dr. Oz is at it again. This time he was fawning over Haylie Pomroy's "Fast Metabolism Diet." Haylie's qualifications are not clear but she is described as a "lifestyle counsellor." Hmmm....

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