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Why does an orange taste so horrible after brushing my teeth?

6 Jun 2019

If you have ever taken a good look at the back of a tube of toothpaste during those long two minutes of recommended brushing time, you may have noticed sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) and sodium...

Why do we use hot water to wash clothes?

25 Oct 2018

Temperature is just a measure of how quickly, molecules are moving. When a substance dissolves in water, its components, be they ions or molecules, form stronger attractions to water molecules than...

Why are people popping laundry pods?

25 Jan 2018

Dousing oneself with a bucket full of ice water isn’t much fun, but at least that craze was cool. It had a point: raise money for ALS research. Biting into a laundry pod has no point, other than to...

The Dirt on Laundry Balls

27 Apr 2017

As you can imagine, the ad caught my eye.  “Earth Smart Laundry CD works on the principles of quantum physics, not chemistry.” I had to have it. So I sent in my sixty dollars and waited. A couple...

A Solution to Skunk Pollution

20 Mar 2017

I remember the first time I ever smelled the fragrance of a skunk.  I thought someone had let off a stink bomb.  You see, even back then I was a lot more familiar with emissions from test tubes...

Why is sodium sulphite added to laundry and dish-washing detergents?

20 Mar 2017

Sodium sulphite is not added for cleaning purposes, at least not as far as the laundry is concerned.

Beer Foam and Artificial Hips

20 Mar 2017

Forty eight years ago there was an epidemic of heart failure in Quebec City. The clue was that the thirty men affected were all beer drinkers. In a round about way, the culprit was the introduction...

Chemistry lesson for The Food Babe… and everyone else #9: SLS, the synthetic detergent

15 Feb 2017

“Syndets” were originally developed by chemists to eliminate a problem commonly found with soap, namely “scum” formation. Soaps, unlike detergents, react with dissolved minerals in water to form an...

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