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Medical Error Is Not the Third Leading Cause of Death

27 Aug 2021

In the first episode of the television show The Resident, a nurse tells the young protagonist that medical error is the third leading cause of death in the United States after cancer and heart...

In Death, Our Body Feasts on Itself

20 May 2021

A pretty morbid question perhaps, but why is it that our body does not decompose while we are alive? Most of the post-mortem changes that affect our body are the result of things we already carry...

I Spy, with the Back of My Eye, a Murderer (or Not)

22 Oct 2020

Promising nuggets in early scientific research can quickly take hold of the public imagination and continue to spread well past their sell-by date, a lesson we are all learning the hard way during...

A Troubling Uptick of COVID-19 in Young People

11 Sep 2020

This article was first published in The Montreal Gazette.

Gin Mania

15 Jan 2020

Between 1715 and 1750 there were more deaths than births in London, with the greatest mortality among children. Many of these deaths were due to fetal alcohol syndrome as unhappy mothers-to-be...

2019 Year in Review

31 Dec 2019

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The Real Story Behind "21 Grams"

19 Jun 2019

The April 1907 issue of American Medicine featured a paper by Dr. Duncan Macdougall describing his experiment whereby the beds of dying patients were placed on a sensitive balance. Believe it or...


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