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No Need to Avoid Dairy When You’re Sick

18 Aug 2023

 This article was first published in The Skeptical Inquirer.

Putting Up with the Farts: A Story of Our Ancestors and the Animal Milk They Loved

26 Aug 2022

Flatulence has been immortalized in this children’s song: “Beans, beans, the musical fruit / The more you eat, the more you toot.” The same can be said of milk for those of us with lactose...

How does milk become "lactose-free"?

26 Jul 2018

So you’re walking down the refrigerated section of the grocery store and you see all the milks lined up. You got the 3.5s, the 2s, and those watery skims. But then you see some different coloured...

Chemically How Does Milk Become Butter?

22 Sep 2017

Cows' milk, as well as that of most other mammals, is a complex mixture of proteins, fats, water, carbohydrates, minerals, hormones and various other molecules. Some of these components are soluble...

Milk Wars: Trump and Canada's dairy farmers

28 Apr 2017

Donald Trump recently attacked Canada’s dairy industry, calling our policies unfair. Milk supply in Canada, like poultry and eggs, is strictly regulated by supply management policies. By regulating...

Carnitine Controversy

20 Mar 2017

The strikes against meat keep piling up. This time it's a study implicating carnitine, a compound found in meat and dairy products, as a factor in heart disease. High cholesterol, hypertension,...

The No-Dairy "Breast Cancer Prevention" Program

20 Mar 2017

Dr. Jane Plant has caused quite a stir with her book, “The No-Dairy Breast Cancer Prevention Program” in which she proposes a causal link between the consumption of dairy products and breast cancer...


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