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The Great Cholesterol Debate

5 Jul 2018

Before we can talk about cholesterol and how to measure it we need to get some things straight. Cholesterol is absolutely tied to heart disease even though convincing people of that fact has been...

The Clocks That Set the Rhythm of Life

21 Jun 2018

Most regions on Earth oscillate between a bright daytime and dark nighttime. In anticipation of the varying presence of light, most organism populations have evolved an internal clock that adjusts...

The Water Myth

31 May 2018

It is a common belief that you have to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. Almost everyone has heard this recommendation at some point although if you were to ask someone why you need to drink this...

Performance Enhancing...Headphones?

24 Apr 2018

Sport headphones are usually designed to be to be small, light, waterproof, and wireless so that they don’t get in the way while working out. Given this design standard, a pair of bulky over-ear...

Happy Birthday, Viagra

5 Apr 2018

Twenty years ago last month, a medication called sildenafil was approved by the FDA. It is perhaps better known by its brand name of Viagra. Very few medications have enjoyed such widespread pop...

Meet Science Mom, Kavin Senapathy

15 Mar 2018

“It’s normal to worry about your baby, I assured myself as I stood in the dark, hand resting on my sleeping baby, carefully counting the rise and fall of her chest in sets of five. I was exhausted...

Meet Science Mom, Alison Bernstein

1 Mar 2018

Rewind to July 2013: Picture your typical elementary school cafeteria with rows of uncomfortable plastic chairs filled with nervous parents of soon-to-be kindergartners....

From Farm to Pharmacy: Wading Through the Muddied Waters of Antibiotic Resistance

20 Feb 2018

One of the mandates of our Office is to foster students’ skills in communicating science. We encourage students to submit articles and we publish the ones that we consider to be well written. These...


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