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Chocoholics: A True Addiction or a Funny Word?

25 May 2022

In the third novel of the Harry Potter series, the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry encounters the “Dementors” for the first time -- creatures that feed on hope and happiness. When he is left with a...

Why is the shelf life of white chocolate so short compared to that of dark chocolate?

15 Feb 2019

Dark chocolate contains plenty of naturally occurring antioxidants known as polyphenols, which are absent from white chocolate. Actually, “white chocolate” isn’t really chocolate because it does...

Counting on Chocolate

15 Feb 2019

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone and you are probably fed up with all the stories about chocolate that the media feels obliged to trot out at this time every year. There are the usual...

You're not imagining that chocolate sludge at the bottom of your hot cocoa

10 Oct 2017

If you've made hot cocoa with powder, you've probably experienced the dark sludge at the bottom of the cup. This chocolate goop seems unavoidable, despite being absolutely certain that you...

Chocolate Genes

23 May 2017

Chocolate may be about to get better, sweeter and even more irresistible. Scientists have succeeded in sequencing the genome of the Criollo chocolate tree. Due to susceptibility to diseases, cocoa...

What’s the difference between white chocolate and brown chocolate?

20 Mar 2017

Chocolate comes from cocoa beans which grow inside a large pod that grows on trees. To make chocolate the beans are removed from the pods and heaped into a pile. Immediately a slew of chemical...

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