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Chicken Soup's Label As 'Jewish Penicillin' Is More Whimsy Than Fact

26 Jan 2024

This article was first published in the Montreal Gazette. “As the Good Book says, when a poor man eats a chicken, one of them is sick.”

You can determine the colour of an egg a chicken lays by looking at it's earlobe

18 Apr 2019

Yes, that's right. Chickens do have ears although they are hidden by the feathers on the side of the head. But when the feathers are pushed aside, the openings that serve as ears appear. There is...

What does it mean for chicken meat to be "white" or "dark"?

31 May 2017

Why is chicken breast white and dark meat dark?  It all has to do with different kinds of muscle.  Dark meat is a result of the predominant presence of slow oxidative muscle fibres used for...

Chicken requires careful handling

20 Mar 2017

Estimates are that some 55 million people in Canada and the U.S become ill every year from eating tainted food with more deaths attributed poultry than any other food. That of course is partly due...

When Protein is not Protein

20 Mar 2017

You need protein to build muscle. We have all heard that, probably as early as elementary school. And it is true. Muscle is mostly made of protein and its source is protein in the diet. But the...

Arsenic in Poultry?!

20 Mar 2017

If you dine on chicken McNuggets, you’ll be getting a good dose of trans fats. But at least you won’t be ingesting any arsenic. That’s because MacDonalds only buys chicken meat from producers who...

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