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Jumping the Gun?

17 May 2023

Ready, Set, Go…. for Ozempic. That’s what the incessant television ads suggest. “Ask your doctor about Ozempic,” the ads advise, without mentioning what the drug is for. The marketer’s hope is that...

Just say no!

22 Feb 2023

“A spoonful of sucrose helps the medicine go down,” as Mary Poppins told us. But she neglected to say that it also increases our risk of cardiovascular disease. Actually, Mary didn’t say sucrose,...

The "Polypill" and Cardiovascular Disease

25 Oct 2019

The idea of a polypill was first proposed nearly 20 years ago and the idea was a simple one. Make one pill that contained a baby aspirin, a cholesterol medication, and blood pressure pills. Rather...

Ward off cardiovascular disease with vitamin and mineral supplements? Not Likely!

29 May 2018

Numerous studies have addressed the possible effects of such supplements and now Dr. David Jenkins and his team at the University of Toronto have done a spectacular job in scouring the literature...

Beans really are good for your heart

21 Feb 2017

A diet rich in beans, chickpeas, lentils, and split peas will help lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. An analysis in the Canadian Medical Association Journal in 2014 combined data from 26 randomized...

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