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The Sparkle of Carbonated Water

10 Jul 2020

Many consumers today are shying away from soft drinks because of legitimate concerns about their sugar or artificial sweetener content. Plain water is the ideal alternative, but a lot of people...

The Origins of Soda Water

15 May 2018

In 1874, thirty five men solemnly gathered at a grave sight in Northumberland, Pennsylvania. They had come to lay the foundations for the American Chemical Society, which would eventually become...

Is Carbonated Water Bad for Your Teeth?

13 Nov 2017

It's a well-known fact that soda is bad for your health. We've all read the reports and articles detailing how the sugar in pop will rot our teeth, cause obesity, or give us diabetes. So perhaps,...

Is drinking carbonated water bad for you? If not, how much is safe?

20 Mar 2017

Overall, there is no clear research about the harm of drinking carbonated water.  The difficulty can come with excessive drinking of carbonated cola/other drinks as the sugar in the sweetened...

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