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The Potential for Caffeine-Free Coffee via Crispr/CAS9 or Crossbreeding

2 Dec 2022

Our current methods for decaffeinating coffee are far from ideal. There are a few different methods, all with their own nuanced details, but they all shake out to using some kind of solvent to...

Caffeine Consumption: A Hidden Cause of Impulsive Shopping

9 Sep 2022

There may yet be a method to help you better manage your budget, and it has to do with the timing of your caffeine consumption....

Coffee: To Drink or Not To Drink, That Is The Question.

7 Sep 2022

Coffee first appeared in Canadian cups about two hundred years ago, some three hundred years after people in Africa and the Middle East were regularly consuming the beverage. The most popular...

How Many Yerbas Does It Take to Overdose on Caffeine?

26 Aug 2022

For many students, picking up a coffee from the dining hall before pulling a late nighter at the library is all too familiar. I will admit, I’m an energy drink fiend. My friends have commented on...

Assessing Reports Linking Espresso and Cholesterol

19 May 2022

This article was originally posted in the Montreal Gazette....

What is “khat” and why are we warned about it?

18 Mar 2022

Cathinone’s molecular structure resembles amphetamine which accounts for its mild stimulant effect. Historically, cathinone has not cause much concern, at least not until clandestine chemists began...

Benzene Jitters

19 Jan 2022

At one time it was used as an aftershave because of its sweet smell.  It was even used to decaffeinate coffee.  Oh my, how times change!  Today we worry about a few parts per billion of benzene in...

What is Guarana?

30 Sep 2021

The Amazon is a dangerous place, with jaguars, anacondas and piranhas in constant search for their next meal, but you would not have anything to fear from guarana. It isn’t a predator, it’s a woody...

The Right Chemistry: Leaded Coffee

4 Mar 2021

Video of Dr. Joe Schwarcz on the use of the term “leaded coffee Dr. Joe Schwarcz on the use of the term “leaded coffee".


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