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Why can’t you use low-fat margarine for frying?

6 Aug 2021

Margarine is fat. It’s just a different kind of fat from butter. Whereas butter contains mostly saturated fats, margarine’s fats are unsaturated. This just refers to a slight variation in the...

A Tempest in the Butterdish

26 Feb 2021

My “bread and butter” is demystifying science. Often that takes me down a slippery slope, slaloming between gates of “ifs,” “buts” and “maybes,” never quite getting to that definitive finish line....

How did Margarine Come About?

13 Sep 2018

Emperor Napoleon III offered a prize to anyone who could find "a suitable substance to replace butter for the navy and less prosperous classes." The French chemist Hippolyte Mege-Mouries had...

Is Ghee Healthier Than Normal Butter?

13 Sep 2018

Ghee can be found in the international section of most grocery stores, and clarified butter on the pages of many culinary magazines, but what are these fats, and how do they differ from normal...

Chemically How Does Milk Become Butter?

22 Sep 2017

Cows' milk, as well as that of most other mammals, is a complex mixture of proteins, fats, water, carbohydrates, minerals, hormones and various other molecules. Some of these components are soluble...

Salted Butter

23 May 2017

Before refrigeration butter would often spoil due to bacterial contamination. Salt was then added as a preservative. It works by dehydrating bacteria. Obviously since salted butter lasted longer,...

The Fat Conundrum

20 Mar 2017

Butter or margarine? Olive oil or canola oil? Low fat diets or high fat diets? You would think that after literally thousands of studies we would have some straight forward answers about the effect...

Making Trans-Fat Free Margarine

20 Mar 2017

Margarine originally was a cheap butter substitute made by emulsifying beef fat with water or milk. Eventually animal fat was replaced by partially saturated vegetable fats, hardened by the process...

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