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MOSH Bars Are Starved of Good Science

5 Apr 2024

“It’s never too late to think about your brain health. It’s never too late to think about, ‘how can I delay Alzheimer’s?’, and MOSH is your partner.”...

Can We Get Smarter By Popping a Pill?

27 Mar 2024

We live in a world where people attempt to settle differences with insane wars and acts of terror. We foul our nest with an array of pollutants. We succumb to preventable diseases. We struggle to...

Nothing Memorable About Memory Supplements

16 Feb 2024

This article was first published in the Montreal Gazette.

You Are When You Eat

17 Nov 2023

Our bodies have a built-in clock known as the “suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN).” The SCN is a structure within the hypothalamus that contains a collection of neurons that synchronize our internal...

Your Tongue Knows How the World Feels

11 Aug 2023

“Your tongue knows what everything feels like.” This phrase has 27.6M hits on TikTok, leaving people with their tongues hanging out and brows furrowed. Of course, we know the texture of our morning...

Brain Zapping May Probably Appear to Be Doing Something

21 Jul 2023

Shocking the brain with electricity may bring to mind electroconvulsive therapy or James Whale’s seminal black-and-white adaptation of Frankenstein. But given that our brain cells use electricity...

Where is the Map in our Mind?

30 Jun 2023

When I moved to Montreal, it took me a while to get oriented. After a few weeks of constantly checking Google Maps, I developed a mental image of key landmarks and how to navigate between them. I...

A Hole in the Head

18 Jan 2023

Harvard University’s Warren Anatomical Museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in the history of medicine. Displays include an ether inhaler as used by dentist William Morton that allowed...

Hype, Hope and Leqembi

11 Jan 2023

The word “qembi” roughly translates as beautiful, elegant or healthy and was somewhat ambitiously chosen as the root for “Leqembi,” the Alzheimer’s disease drug that recently made a big media...


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