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Of Rats, People and Bisphenol A

4 Nov 2021

Bisphenol A (BPA) first hit the headlines in 2008 when Canada banned polycarbonate baby bottles because of possible leaching of the chemical from the plastic into the contents. Concern had been...

It’s In The Can!

17 Sep 2021

A liner prevents the metal from reacting with the can’s contents. The concern is about bisphenol A (BPA), one of the components used to produce the epoxy resin, leaching out into the food or...

Turning Up the Heat on Thermal Paper Receipts

25 Feb 2020

When you are spending money at a store, the cost may be more than the amount shown on the cash register receipt. According to some researchers, there is a cost to health. That’s because handling...

Bisphenol A

31 May 2017

Bisphenol A (BPA) has been the subject of much recent controversy due to reports that it can cause birth defects, impaired sugar control as well as other health problems in rodents.  Bisphenol A is...

The Golden Marketing of Golden Alcohol

20 Mar 2017

Marketing these days is often based not on what is in a product, but rather on what it doesn’t contain. Labels scream no cholesterol, no trans fats, no gluten, no BPA, no phthalates, no parabens...

Don't Blame the Water Bottle!

20 Mar 2017

I've repeatedly been asked about the circulating email that claims Sheryl Crow blames her breast cancer on chemicals leaching out of water bottles and warns women to never keep bottled water in the...

When it comes to bisphenol A there is smoke, but is there fire?

20 Mar 2017

During the 1930s, Swiss chemist Pierre Castan was researching materials for denture repair and American Sylvan Greenlee was working on novel paints. Independently, the two hit upon epoxy resins,...

Tempest in a K cup

20 Mar 2017

A question came up about the risks of chemicals leaching out of those convenient coffee K cups. Yes, chemicals do leach out. That of course is the idea, you want to leach out the hundreds of...


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