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Red Licorice, Beets and Piss Prophets

9 Nov 2022

It sure is a colorful life. I recall vividly a scary episode almost forty-five years ago when my wife came running to me brandishing our infant daughter's diaper in her hands. It looked pretty...

How Louis Pasteur Beat a Beet Problem and Changed Medicine Forever

6 Mar 2019

Pasteur, who was then a young professor of chemistry at the University of Lille, was saddled with a problem faced by many researchers today. He needed funding and sought help from private...

Beets and Urine

20 Mar 2017

After eating beets. The colour of beetroot is due to a family of compounds known collectively as betacyanins. Ingestion of beets can result in a bright red discolouration of the urine, and quite a...

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