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Here's My Beef with the Pro-Meat Study

10 Oct 2019

​This article was first published in The Montreal Gazette. The meat controversy is broiling over. Let’s stew on it.

Hormones in cattle

20 Mar 2017

Those ads from A&W claiming that their beef is raised without hormones or steroids are popping up on TV with annoying frequency. The intent obviously is to suggest that this meat is somehow...

The Japanese Scientist and His Crappy Meat

20 Mar 2017

It sounds believable. After all the Japanese do eat some strange things. They eat “fugu,” prepared from puffer fish which if not properly eviscerated contains enough tetrodotoxin to kill the diner....

Can consuming food treated with ammonia hydroxide cause health problems?

20 Mar 2017

Jamie Oliver doesn’t like “pink slime.”  He doesn’t want any of it in his hamburger.  In fact, the famed British chef was so disgusted that McDonald’s in the U.S. was using this “beef filler” that...

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