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Washing your hair? In Vancouver soap will work, but in Montreal it has to be shampoo.

2 Jul 2021

Did you know that in Vancouver you can wash your hair with soap but in Montreal you need shampoo? Why? Because Vancouver water is soft and Montreal water is hard. That makes a big difference when...

Eggplants Contain Nicotine

8 Feb 2018

Eggplant seeds (and they have many) contain nicotinoid alkaloids, which are responsible for the slightly bitter taste of the purple berry. The concentration of nicotine itself is about 100...

Do Activated Charcoal Face Masks Actually Work?

2 Jan 2018

They are being talked about all over the Internet as a way of clarifying the skin and removing “toxins", but is there any science to back up the use of charcoal face masks?

Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's AHAs

20 Mar 2017

"It's as smooth as a baby's behind!" That's the ultimate compliment to the skin. Why is a baby's bottom so silky smooth anyway? Because it hasn't been exposed to the sun, that's why! As we age, our...

Wrinkles in Wrinkle Cream Reports

20 Mar 2017

So I’m sitting here, staring at a couple of close up pictures of some person’s eye area. I see crows’ feet in both. Are there fewer feet in the bottom picture? Maybe. If I look with a magnifying...

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