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A Taste of the Science of Aspartame

16 Apr 2021

I first became interested in aspartame when I learned about the curious way in which its sweetness was discovered. Back in 1965, G.D. Searle Company chemist Jim Schlatter was carrying out research...

No Need to Panic Over Bitter News About Nonnutritive Sweeteners

18 Jul 2017

We would like to have our cake and eat it too. In a sense, that is just what nonnutritive sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose and stevia promise. Cut out sugar, a dietary villain, and replace...

Not all facts are created equal

20 Mar 2017

I often ask myself questions. “Is that a fact?” is perhaps the one that crops up most frequently. That’s because no day goes by without someone soliciting my opinion about an item they have come...

Aspartame: A Bitter-Sweet Controversy

20 Mar 2017

I get asked a lot of questions.  One of the hardest ones to answer is what question I get asked the most often.  Although I can’t say that I keep exact stats, my feeling is that queries about...

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