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What is the difference between organic and inorganic arsenic?

30 Aug 2018

Atoms of arsenic can combine with atoms of other elements to form a variety of compounds. These can be divided into two categories, “inorganic” and “organic.” In this case, the term “organic” is...

Should we worry about arsenic in wine?

20 Mar 2017

A story about arsenic-laced wine is panicking a lot of people. It’s all about a lawsuit brought against the producers of some wines claiming they contain unsafe amounts of arsenic. As far as I can...

Arsenic in Treated Wood

20 Mar 2017

What comes to mind when you think of arsenic?  Inheritance powder?  The possible murder of Napoleon?  Poisoned wells in Bangladesh?  Well, how about playgrounds, decks or picnic tables?  Concern...


20 Mar 2017

Mention the word arsenic and our thoughts immediately turn to poison. But there other interesting connections as well. Arsenic rarely is found in nature in its elemental state, it is found as part...

Arsenic in Poultry?!

20 Mar 2017

If you dine on chicken McNuggets, you’ll be getting a good dose of trans fats. But at least you won’t be ingesting any arsenic. That’s because MacDonalds only buys chicken meat from producers who...

Apple Juice, Arsenic, and Dr. Oz

20 Mar 2017

When anyone says "arsenic" and people automatically respond with “poison.” Of course they are right. There is no doubt that arsenic can kill you. And it can do so quickly by disrupting the...


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