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Should we be Anti all Anti-Microbial Products?

8 Feb 2018

We received a question about antibacterial soaps, namely why should or shouldn’t we be using them? And if we’re supposed to avoid antibacterial soap, why is Purell, an antimicrobial agent, allowed?

Honey Is More Than Just Sweet… It's also Antimicrobial

18 May 2017

Honey isn’t just useful as a topping for your toast; it’s actually a powerful antimicrobial. To the best of our knowledge, honey never spoils, as it is a supersaturated sugar solution with only 17%...

Marketing Appears to Trump Science on Antibacterials

20 Mar 2017

Store shelves these days sag under the weight of antibacterial soaps, cosmetics, socks, toys and even garbage bags. There’s no question that “antibacterial” on a label increases sales, but there...

Are Antibacterial Household Products A Health Hazard?

20 Mar 2017

Antibiotic resistance from “superbugs” has been a growing concern of health professionals for the past 20 years. Diseases that are now treatable could soon become fatal, if nothing is done to...

Honey Hype

20 Mar 2017

We have a sweet topic for today. Honey. That concentrated solution of sugars in water that was central to Winnie the Pooh's obsession. Most of us like it too. The main sugars in honey are fructose...

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