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The Fögen Effect Masks a Big Methodological Issue

21 Jul 2022

Have you heard of the Fögen effect, alternatively spelled “Foegen?” It is the idea, or so goes the claim, that wearing a mask could make COVID-19 more severe. And you might be tempted to take it...

The Masked Kids Are Alright

25 Feb 2022

It is easy to raise the spectre of science to scare people. Talk about a new vaccine technology messing with your DNA and you’ve conjured up instant anxiety. It is an especially potent technique...

Science vs. Joe Rogan

20 Nov 2021

“Lot of times, we’re drinking or we’re high, you know, and I say stupid shit.” Coming from a teenager, this statement may invoke memories of your own adolescence. But carried by the voice of then...

Why Some People Choose Not to Wear a Mask

3 Sep 2020

Most people wear a mask as part of their pandemic-altered routine. That’s 83% of Canadians and 67% of Americans by recent estimates. But there is a minority of people who don’t, and their voices...

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