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What are adjuvants in vaccines?

11 Mar 2022

In 1926, Alexander Thomas Glenny, a British immunologist, discovered that noted that vaccinated guinea pigs had a better response when the jab caused a local inflammation at the site of the...

Concerns About Cookware Chemistry

21 Jan 2022

Like most chemists, I like to cook.  After all, what is cooking but the appropriate mixing of chemicals?  In the lab we use flasks and beakers, but how do we equip our kitchen?  Tiffany's in New...

How do sparklers work?

17 Sep 2021

You stick them into a birthday cake, stand back and revel in the brilliant shower of sparks. What you are witnessing are glowing metal particles, usually aluminum, but iron titanium, zinc or...

Should We Worry About Metals in Vaccines?

27 Jun 2019

​This article was first published in The Montreal Gazette....

Why do I get a jolt of pain every time I chew on a piece of aluminum foil?

8 Nov 2018

The common link among those who experience pain is that they have amalgam fillings. These are composed of a mixture of tiny particles of tin, silver and copper alloyed with mercury. Anyone who has...

How are mirrors made?

13 Jun 2018

Imagine the surprise of the first cave person who ever glanced into a reflecting pond. The image probably wasn't too pleasing but the effect was surely intriguing. Vanity was instantly born and the...

Flying High with Aluminum

20 Mar 2017

The date was July 2nd, 1982.

Antiperspirants? Deodorants? Are They the Same? Are They Safe?

20 Mar 2017

Just looking at the list of ingredients on an antiperspirant or deodorant makes some people sweat. That’s because they’ve heard about how some of the components have been linked with breast cancer...

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