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Looking at Iridology

30 Dec 2021

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, a young Hungarian boy, Ignatz Pecely was attacked by an owl. A fight ensued and as Ignatz managed not only to fend off the attacker but to break its leg....

Even the Best Scientific Studies Can Lie: The Case of Craniosacral Therapy

6 Feb 2020

There are days when I wish I could say, “Look for a meta-analysis that answers your question and trust it blindly.” Do vitamin supplements work? Look for a meta-analysis! Are sausages bad for your...

Oil of Oregano: "Alternative", Yet Not Homeopathy

17 May 2018

Before a television appearance this week to promote my new book, “A Feast of Science,” the producer asked if we could address “homeopathic drugs, like oil of oregano” that I discuss in the book....

The Cancer Conspiracy Unveiled

20 Mar 2017

“As a crab is furnished with claws on both sides of its body, so, in this disease, the veins which extend from the tumour represent with it a figure much like a crab.”...

Homeopathy: The Controversy Ensues

20 Mar 2017

Homeopathy is a controversial “alternative” practice. In 2012, Dr. Joe expressed his views in a series of columns in The Montreal Gazette - Homeopathy: Delusion through Dilution - which triggered a...

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