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Acupressure for the Hiccups: Cure or Placebo?

9 Sep 2022

Whether you are in a quiet library, giving an important presentation, or showing up to a first date, hiccups always seem to come up at the worst times. Folklore tells us that hiccups happen when...

Can You Turn Nausea Off at the Wrist?

6 Aug 2021

A few years ago, I found myself on a small boat in the Pacific Ocean. The weather conditions were dodgy, but our skipper decided to go ahead with the whale watching expedition. The first couple of...

Bad Science Lends a Friendly Ear to Ear Seeds

29 Aug 2019

If you’re scrolling through Instagram while waiting in line at the grocery store, you might have stumbled upon ear seeds. The photos show close-ups of ears dotted with tiny piercings assembled like...

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