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The Fascinating Chemistry of Airbags

21 Jun 2019

Leonardo De Vinci was fascinated by flight and dreamed of various flying machines. He was realistic enough, though, to consider the risks and thought that brave men who strapped on wings should...

The Right Chemistry: Teflon

17 Jun 2019

Video of Dr. Joe Schwarcz on Teflon chemicals

What's the Story With E-books at Bedtime?

28 May 2019

​This article was first published in The Montreal Gazette....

Looking at the Science of Sunglasses

24 May 2019

The sunglasses at the dollar store feel flimsy, yet I buy a pair. It costs me $1.43. The sticker on one of the lenses states “UV 400 Protection”. I walk over to a fancy sunglasses store and ask the...

The Connection Between Frosted Lightbulbs & Bad Pick-Up Lines

21 May 2019

Way back in 1771, Swedish chemist Karl Wilhelm Scheele was investigating the properties of a mineral known as fluorspar (calcium fluoride). He mixed the pulverized rock with sulfuric acid and...

Under The Microscope: Velcro

21 May 2019

Just like Vivaldi was inspired by nature to compose his Four Seasons concertos, the inventor of Velcro was also inspired by nature. Specifically, by burrs.

Under the Microscope: Graphite

8 Apr 2019

Pencils do not contain any lead, and they never did! The mistake in terminology can be traced back to the ancient Romans who drew lines on papyrus using pieces of actual lead, all the while not...