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The Physician is Only Nature’s Assistant

26 Jan 2024

Although warm foods are not likely to cause the production of yellow bile and hot winds are unlikely to be the cause of your digestive issues, Greek physician Galen of Pergamum contributed...

You Are When You Eat

17 Nov 2023

Our bodies have a built-in clock known as the “suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN).” The SCN is a structure within the hypothalamus that contains a collection of neurons that synchronize our internal...

Can the Problems of the Future be Solved with Technology from the Past?

6 Oct 2023

Electric cars are often portrayed as an invention created to solve the issue of pollution generated from the exhaust emission of gasoline cars, but the electric car has been around the block before...

Fighting Fire with Fire: how a Nobel Prize Winning Scientists Used Malaria to ‘Cure’ Syphilis

22 Sep 2023

The history of science is full of disproved experiments, revised textbooks, and rewritten hypotheses. Even Nobel prize-winning research, which is often viewed as the best work science has to offer,...

Kidneys: Crash-Course and Cash-Out

25 Aug 2023

I had the opportunity to watch a live donor kidney transplant – live! From the first incision in the donor to the last suture in the recipient, I was standing there, granted the privilege to...

Erythropoietin: Ticket to the Olympics or Recipe for Disaster?

19 Aug 2023

What if I told you that a simple one letter change in your DNA could have landed you seven Olympic gold medals? You’re right, it’s probably a little more complicated than this. But winners of this...

Nanogold: From Ruby-red Glass to Possible Cancer Treatment

4 Aug 2023

Though aesthetically pleasing, gold is scientifically quite boring. It is chemically inert, meaning it doesn’t easily react with other chemicals and remains shiny for long periods which is why it...

Where there is Smoke, there are Air Quality Indices

21 Jul 2023

I woke up from a nap to see a doomsday-esque picture outside the car window. My friends and I were driving back to Montreal during the poorest air quality day of the summer, and the city looked...

Tuberculin Under Your Skin

14 Jul 2023

Throughout its lifetime, tuberculosis (or TB) has gone by many names. The ancient Greeks called it “phthisis”. In the 1700s, it was “the white plague”. And in the 1800s, it was “consumption” –...


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