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Two-Thirds of Montreal Pharmacies Sell This Quack Flu Buster

10 Jan 2019

If your child has the flu this winter, you may be tempted by an all-natural treatment that has a Health Canada approval number and that is sold in many pharmacies. Its name is so challenging to the...

Doctors and Seductive Videos

8 Jan 2019

Invariably the answer is no. In general, there may be a few seeds of truth in the video that are washed away by a tsunami of hype. There are promises of miracles, but of course, you can’t expect...

Just When You Think You Have Heard Everything, Along Comes the “JING ORB”

3 Jan 2019

Desperation can drive people to do desperate things. Such as investing in the “JING ORB” to try to resolve a health problem. You can’t blame anyone afflicted with a serious condition, one that...

I Donated to a Crowdfunding Appeal, But Did I Just Finance a Cancer Quack?

27 Sep 2018

Storytelling relies on choices. I can tell you the story of Clara who died after paying tens of thousands of dollars for a pseudoscientific treatment for her cancer, and cast the quack clinic’s...


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