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Penis Enhancement and "Smiling Bob"

20 Mar 2017

Here is a formula for separating fools from their money. Find a condition that doesn’t pose a serious threat to health, but causes enough concern for people to want to invest in a solution. Propose...

A Tangerine a Day Keeps the Heart Surgeon Away?

20 Mar 2017

“Huge doses of purified methoxylated polyflavones increase insulin sensitivity and attenuate atherosclerosis in mice” is certainly not as catchy a headline as “Tangerine a Day Keeps Heart Surgeons...

What is melatonin?

20 Mar 2017

Melatonin is certainly an interesting substance. It began to pique the curiosity of researchers in the 1950s when they discovered that production of this hormone by the pineal gland in the brain...

Is it true that onions can absorb bacteria?

20 Mar 2017

The most fascinating thing about the email that circulates about the curative properties and dangers of onions is that some people give it credence. Why would anyone believe some unsubstantiated...

Plastics in the Kitchen

20 Mar 2017

Oh, those analytical chemists. They do cause problems don’t they? With their ability to find the presence of chemicals at parts per trillion, they can not only find the needle in the proverbial...

Stopping Pucks and Spreading Myths

20 Mar 2017

I like Carey Price. He’s become the heart of the Montreal Canadiens. Carey is an excellent goaltender with a lot of gumption. But something he doesn’t have is a scientific background. That of...

Superfoods and Superhype

20 Mar 2017

The term “Superfood” has become part of our vocabulary. Such foods are the supposed antitheses of “junk foods” with the implication that if we gorge on them we can delay our earthly departure. The...

Have you heard of the book "The Cure of all Cancers"?

20 Mar 2017

Freedom of speech; one of our most sacred rights. Men and women are willing to die for it. Unfortunately, they also die because of it. Let me elaborate....

Bisphenol A and Sexual Dysfunction

20 Mar 2017

One thing is for sure. Headline writers last week must have been thrilled by the study that linked exposure to bisphenol A with sexual dysfunction in Chinese men. “Study a real downer.” “Hard...


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