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The Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Who Became His Own Patient

9 Feb 2024

For over 100 years the Nobel foundation has recognized outstanding individuals for contributions to their respective fields; however, the rules stipulate that prizes cannot be awarded posthumously....

Going Bananas

8 Dec 2023

Once upon a time, there was a banana plant. This banana plant lived in an English estate in the 1830s, and was named “the Cavendish”, after the Cavendish Family who lived on this estate.

Dry Water? Let’s whet your appetite for some science.

1 Dec 2023

The poem, “My country”, by Dorothea MacKellar, is recited by every preschooler in Australia. One line is of particular relevance:  “A land of droughts and flooding rains”. 

A Call To Teach Chemistry

10 Nov 2023

Is there something in your past to put you on a path to become an educator? When I was a teenager I did one of those guidance counsellor tests which suggested I should become one. I laughed. But a...

Blood Thinners and Dentistry

23 Jun 2023

Here’s a tip. If you don’t like blood, don’t go into dentistry. Dentists see a lot of blood, and often get their (gloved) hands full of it. Bleeding is common and of little concern during many...

Going on a Date

7 Apr 2023

In 1960 Willard Frank Libby was awarded the Nobel Prize for his method of using carbon-14 to find the age of objects ranging from ancient bows and arrows to trees buried in glacial ice. Since then,...

Nobel’s Sugar Twist

6 Oct 2022

The 2022 Nobel Prize in chemistry is shared by Drs. Carolyn R. Bertozzi, Morten Meldal, and Barry Sharpless. Dr. Bertozzi’s pioneering innovation was built upon a path paved by Dr. Sharpless....

Teaching is also Learning

16 Aug 2022

I have spent many years teaching chemistry to high school students and always enjoyed carrying out demonstrations. For students, watching chemicals perform their magic live is far more memorable...

Get that Lymph Moving!

6 Jul 2022

Foreign invaders, be they molds on walls, toxins in polluted air, contaminants in food, viruses, bacteria, parasites, or fungi, represent a threat to our health. Luckily, our body has a way of...


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