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Madej Madness

When it comes to Dr. Carrie Madej, there are two possibilities. Either the filament in her mental lightbulb has disintegrated, or she is knowingly peddling nonsense. In either case, she is a menace to society.

I’m irritated. There just seems to be no end to the nonsense that floods social media. This time the purveyor is Dr. Carrie Madej, an osteopathic physician who no longer practices and now “dedicates her time to educating others on vaccines, nanotechnology and human rights.” When it comes to Dr. Madej, I see two possibilities. Either the tungsten from the filament in her mental lightbulb has evaporated, or she is knowingly peddling balderdash. In either case, her views about COVID-19 vaccines are a menace to society.

In the U.S., osteopaths are doctors who graduate from osteopathic colleges. institutions that in addition to a general medical curriculum also emphasize physical manipulation to treat ailments. Graduates can qualify to enter the same residency programs as medical school graduates and go on to pursue training in various specialties. In general, however, students who enrol in osteopathic colleges have lower grades than medical students and end up there because they did not get into medical school. Interestingly, when Dr. Madej was practicing, she had exemplary ratings from patients. In fact, I have never seen such spectacular accolades! On a website that rates doctors she does not have a single negative entry! That is truly unique. All respondents rate her as “awesome,” “wonderful” or “excellent.” Curiously though, every single respondent has chosen to remain “anonymous.” Somewhat of a red flag.

Until recently this admirable physician has fluttered under the radar of scientific scrutiny. However, now, after a series of videos and posts about her views on COVID-19, she has been catapulted into the limelight. On one hand, she has become the darling of conspiracy theorists, while on the other, for the majority of scientists, she is either a symbol of excruciatingly painful ignorance or a malicious promoter of disinformation.

The media got wind of this icon of truth when she supposedly advised people who had been vaccinated that the toxins she claimed to be present in the jab could be washed out of their body. All they had to do was take a bath in baking soda, Epsom salt and Borax! When confronted, she tried to wiggle out of this senseless advice with the inane claim that she had never mentioned COVID vaccines, she had just counselled people to immerse themselves in such a bath to get rid of “radiation, poisons and nanotechnologies” in general. Immersion in nonsense is what that is. She then digs herself an even deeper hole by saying that she never told anyone how to detox them from the vaccine because “nobody knows how to detox from them,” and her advice has always been to not get the jab in the first place. Brilliant.

Why do we need to detox from the vaccine? Because they contain “RNA-Modifying Transhumanism-Nano-Technology.” That’s a totally meaningless word salad to which she then adds the dressing that “the people pushing these injections want to change what it is to be human.” How? With “liquified computing systems” embedded in the vaccines. There’s more. This intellectual giant has now peered through a microscope and discovered that the vaccine contains a “deadly parasite,” a jelly-fish like tiny invertebrate called “Hydra Vulgaris” that can “multiply and form independent neural networks inside those who have received COVID-19 vaccines and could ultimately influence their thoughts and actions.”

Curiously, none of the thousands of scientists who have worked with these vaccines have noted the presence of this organism. Why not? Must be because they have been silenced by the deep pockets of Big Pharma. Yet Dr. Madej, who has no background in microscopy, virology or parasitology, sees all! Needless to say, there is no Hydra Vulgaris in the vaccine. In any case, this organism is not a human pathogen and does not cause infection in people. To be sure, it is an interesting organism and deserving of the name “Hydra” after the serpent from Greek mythology that grew two new heads for each one cut off. The tiny creature is of interest to researchers because if one of its parts is cut off, it regenerates. That is likely why it fit into Madej’s farcical idea that an indestructible “immortal” entity is being implanted into people. The only thing being implanted is the lunatic notion that vaccines are part of a conspiracy to control the future of the human race.

The most fascinating aspect of the Madej madness is why such outrageous gobbledygook should muster so much attention and why some people buy into the toxic twaddle. They need a bath. Not in baking soda, Epsom salt or Borax. What they need to be immersed in is proper evidence-based science. Vaccines work! They do not contain microchips or nanorobots, do not alter DNA, do not magnetize the body, and have an excellent safety profile. However, there is one major question about them. Why is it that some people see fit to cast aside quality research by highly-trained experts in favour of the mindless blather emanating from self-appointed saviours with no relevant background?

There is yet one other question that begs for an answer. Is Dr. Madej a maddeningly malicious malfeasant, or does she just have a few loose marbles?


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