“The show must go on!”: Undergraduate Poster Showcase brings students to the virtual stage

Published: 21Apr2021

McGill Science student Catherine Wang attended the Faculty of Science’s Undergraduate Poster Showcase to support her peers. Here, she shares her impressions of the event.

New award to support participation in science education conferences

Published: 13Nov2019

The Office of Science Education (OSE) is offering 10 conference awards – worth up to $2,000 each – to students, staff and faculty in the Faculty of Science. The awards will support members of the...

Small group, hands-on technology sessions to support teaching and learning


New offering for instructors: Sign up here for interactive sessions on /oseCategory: Faculty of Science Teaching and learning

Setting the tone: how you write your syllabus can make a big difference

Published: 16Dec2021

Research shows a syllabus written in a warm, friendly style can enhance student engagement and learning outcomes....

Thinking Outside the Zoom Box with the Large Class Teaching Exchange (Part 2)

Published: 30Sep2021

Part 2: Considerations for Online Course Delivery By Hilary Sweatman, Jacqueline Kort Mascort, Véronique Brulé, Jennie Ferris

Thinking Outside the Zoom Box with the Large Class Teaching Exchange (Part 1)

Published: 28Sep2021

Part 1: Engaging Students Online By Jacqueline Kort Mascort, Hilary Sweatman, Véronique Brulé, Jennie Ferris

SciLearn Speaker Series: Presentation by Dr. Joe Kim


Presentation: Motivating Durable Learning: Focused Attention through Instructional DesignFriday, October 22, 11:30am – 12:30pm/oseCategory: Academic seminars and lectures Teaching and learning

SciLearn Speaker Series: Presentation by Dr. Faria Sana


Workshop for instructors: Taking the Big 3 into the ClassroomFriday, October 29,  11:30am – 1:00pm/oseCategory: Staff workshops Teaching and learning

Building science students' communication skills with the MSWI

Published: 27Sep2021

Marina Nysten and Joyce Wu are the co-founders of the McGill Scientific Writing Initiative (MSWI), a student-run organization dedicated to promoting effective science communication at McGill and...


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