Resident Research

Each resident is expected to complete two clinical or basic science research projects suitable for presentation during his/her training. This may take the form of a limited one-year clinical research project or become an on-going project of longer duration which may take up to two years. All projects are under the supervision of an appropriate attending staff and it is expected that they will lead to publication and/or presentation at a major international meeting. Research projects are presented by the resident at the end of the year at the Orthopaedic Research Day in conjunction with annual Visiting Professor.

In addition, for those residents interested in pursuing basic science research, a one-two year fellowship is provided by the Division of Orthopaedic Surgery or through theĀ McGill Surgical Scientist Program. During this time, the resident is required to register and complete a Masters of Science in surgery. This one or two year basic science fellowship is carried out at one of the McGill University Orthopaedic laboratories.

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