Recent Achievements

Dr. Greg Berry was awarded a Hypothesis Development Award from the US Department of Defense Peer-Reviewed Orthopaedic Research Program for a pre-clinical study on phonomyography as a non-invasive technique to monitor compartment syndrome in the theater. The award falls under the DoD priority research area aimed at acute care of battle injuries.

Dr. Edward J. Harvey was appointed Presidential Consultant for the Orthopaedic Trauma Association and invited to join the Editorial boards of the World Journal of Orthopaedics and the Journal of Biosensors & Bioelectronics. As Co-Director of the J.T.N. Wong Lab for Bone Engineering he was awarded a CIHR Catalyst grant for proof-of-principle studies on implantable devices to detect orthopaedic infection, with Co-applicants J.E. Henderson (McGill Medicine & Surgery) and V. Chodavarapu (McGill Electrical & Computer Engineering). 

Joe Miller Laboratory members Dr. Denis Bobyn and Dr. Michael Tanzer, with co-authors Dr. Lim (McGill Experimental Medicine), K.M. Bobyn and L-P Lefebvre (NRC-Industrial Materials Institute, Boucherville, Qc) received The Hip Society’s Otto Aufranc Award for their paper entitled “Demineralized Bone Matrix Around Porous Implants Promotes Rapid Gap Healing And Bone Ingrowth” to be published in Clinical Orthopaedic and Related Researchin the Spring 2011.

Dr. Jean A. Ouellet was appointed to the Board of Trustees and as Chair of the Technical Commission for Spinal Deformity of the AO foundation and awarded a Chercheur Boursier Clinicien 2 from the Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec. 

Dr. Neil Saran, with Co-Investigators J.A. Ouellet and J.E. Henderson of the J.T.N. Wong Labs, was awarded a peer-reviewed grant by DePuy Spine, a Johnson & Johnson Company, for a project that will examine the potential utility of a novel anti-apoptotic peptide to impede the progression of scoliosis in a genetically modified mouse.

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