Subspecialty Residency Training in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

This two-year academic, research-oriented program permits candidates to achieve clinical competence in assisted reproductive technology and advanced reproductive and endoscopic surgery.

Responsibilities include daily management of patients undergoing fertility treatments, repeated pregnancy loss and reproductive endocrine disorders. Trainees will gain experience in ultrasound , IVF, IVM, IUIs, saline ultrasounds, office hysteroscopies as well as minimally invasive surgical procedures. Our trainees have a steep learning curve due to the high volume and perform all procedures during their first year in the program.

Our residency program offers a high volume and diversity of cases in reproductive endocrinology and in reproductive surgery, as well as in male infertility. Our trainees also participate in Adult and Pediatric Endocrinology clinics, Medical Genetics clinics, Andrology clinics as well as Embryology. They also participate in psychological counselling sessions. Our center has a large referral base for fertility preservation hence there is a variety of patients.

Research is an integral part of our program. Trainees are expected to present their work at a National or International Scientific Meeting and publish their work in a peer-reviewed journal. Throughout the program, trainees are expected to participate in the teaching of medical students, residents, general gynecologists and other health care professionals.

Refer to the How to Apply page for more information on the application process. 

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