Real-time neuromusculoskeletal  model

We are developing the next generation of fast and robust personalized neuromusculoskeletal model to predict internal muscle-tendon states.


Neuromusculoskeletal predictive simulation

We are working on creating fast predictive simulation to simulate human and wearable robotics devices to create new controller, design and rehabilitation strategy in silico using our expertise in biomechanics, robotic and AI.


Wearable robotics

We are creating the future of wearable robotics controller for rehabilitation of neural injured individuals to give them back autonomy and mobility.

We also aim to reduce injury by providing human augmentation controller that steer neuromusculoskeletal tissue toward homeostasis.

To achieve this, we embed real-time personalized neuromusculoskeletal into robotics controller to create a communication channel between the human and the machine. Furthermore, we create smart assistance that provide optimal stimuli for neuromusculoskeletal using predictive simulation.



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