In Memoriam

John Gradwell 

John Brian Gradwell

John Brian Gradwell passed away peacefully on Friday, February 2, 2024 at the age of 86. John was kind, gentle, engaged and engaging and had the soul of an artist. In addition to his many talents and activities, including writing poetry, he was very involved in his community.

John Gradwell joined the McGill University Retiree Association (MURA) soon after it was established in 2015. As a member of MURA, John participated enthusiastically in many of our activities including walking tours, cycling, and sharing meals while enjoying the company of his colleagues and new friends with the Restaurant Group. He attended many MURA events, such as concerts, plays, museum visits, and lectures. In 2021, he was recruited to become Vice-President External. In that role, he greeted new MURA members and was thoroughly engaged in the endeavours of the Executive and Board. Further, he was a member of the Awards Committee, where his insights and sound judgement were much appreciated.

He was a highly valued member of the MURA leadership for his many contributions to the growth and development of our Association. His gracious manner will be sorely missed, and we are saddened that he could not have been with us for many more years.

Please use this link to view his obituary in the Montreal Gazette.


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