CleanTech for Climate Action: MSSI's 5th Research Theme

*The call for applications is now closed.*

About the theme

Reducing humanity’s impact on the earth’s climate caused by emission of greenhouse gas (GHG) is perhaps the most pressing and complex challenge of our time, one that requires action on multiple fronts. Development of new technologies with low to very low GHG emissions to replace or adapt existing high-emission processes commands attention because of its potential ability to significantly reduce anthropogenic emissions. The fields of research and innovation encapsulated by this area of research is termed CleanTech.

Clean technology (CleanTech) includes a diverse range of products, processes, operations, and services that harness renewable materials and energy sources, dramatically reduce the use of natural resources, and cut or eliminate emissions and wastes – often accomplishing greatly lessened or nil environmental impacts through significant energy efficiency improvements, the sustainable use of resources, or environmental protection. Clean technologies are competitive with, if not superior to, their conventional counterparts and can offer significant additional benefits including their ability to improve community well-being and quality of life. CleanTech may pertain, for example, to recycling, renewable energy, information technology, green transportation, green chemistry and processes, lighting, communications, natural resources, food production, housing, urban infrastructure and operations, manufacturing, amongst others.

CleanTech innovations need, of course, to be technically sound. However it is also important to evaluate their impact in areas such as effects on human and environmental health, availability to different sectors of society, potential for market uptake and the social and economic impact of displacing existing technologies, as well as the requirement for new or updated policies and laws. This requires that innovations are viewed from a multiplicity of perspectives. Those innovations for which impacts on these different perspectives have been addressed are most likely to be successful.
Recognising the urgency of emission reduction, the MSSI’s 5th theme will focus on ‘CleanTech for Climate Action’. The theme will centre around three research programs whose proposed ‘CleanTech’ innovations have a realistic chance of significantly reducing anthropogenic GHG emissions. It is anticipated that a funded program will draw on cross-faculty expertise to address the environmental, economic and social aspects of proposed innovations.

Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Ideas Fund - 2020 Call for Applications

*The 2020 call for applications is now closed*


Solutions to sustainability challenges require much more than technological innovation, as viable plans to achieve sustainability must also address social and economic factors and conditions. For example, shifting society towards a more sustainable path will necessitate new norms, attitudes, habits, laws, economic incentives or instruments and public policies.

The MSSI SSH-Ideas Fund provides seed funding to explore bold projects and novel ideas drawn specifically from social sciences and humanities research with the potential to illuminate or solve sustainability-related challenges*. The ultimate result of successful proposal would contribute positively to society’s shift towards sustainability.

Download the funding call here.

The MSSI Ideas Fund

*The 2020 call for applications is now closed. All previously funded projects are listed here.*

High risk/high reward projects are increasingly seen as avenues to move fields of research forward rapidly. The MSSI Ideas Fund provides small amounts of seed funding to explore bold projects and novel ideas which, if successful, could make a significant impact on a challenge related to sustainability.

The Ideas Fund allows recipients to explore the feasibility of ideas before dedicating significant resources to flesh them out. This includes development of collaborations and production of data required to justify a joint grant application. Its aim is to enable development of projects to a stage where they can attract other funding, perhaps in one of our thematic research areas.

Download the funding call here.

The MSSI Innovation Fund

*The 2019/20 call for applications is now closed. All previously funded projects are listed here.*

Do you have an innovation that has potential for commercialization or a process that will lead to policy development in the field of sustainability? Do you need funds to proceed to the next stage of development? The MSSI Innovation Fund can provide up to $75K to accelerate the innovation or process and move your project forward.

Download the funding call Download the funding call

There are also funding streams offered through some of our research themes. For details, look under "Events & Funding Opportunities" on the theme-specific pages here.
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