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MSSI Lightning Talks

In November 2016, the MSSI hosted a series of lightning talks on sustainability research from McGill faculty members.

This series of five events brought together faculty from across McGill in order to highlight the myriad of ways sustainability challenges are being tackled by researches on our two campuses. Sixty-three faculty members from across 8 faculties delivered 4-minute "lightning talks" framing their research in the context of sustainability. The series showcased the diversity of perspectives, pathways and efforts across the many disciplines and highlighted the many possible connections between projects.

The series was hosted by the McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative (formerly the Sustainability Sciences and Technologies Initiative). You can view the presenters, affiliations, and talk titles below.

Name Department Faculty Lightning Talk Title
CJ Li Chemistry SCI Inventing New Chemistry for Sustainable Utilization of Natural Resources
Subhasis Ghoshal Civil Eng & Applied Mechanics ENG Environmental Implications and Applications of Nanomaterials
Daniel Varro Electrical & Computer Eng ENG Live models for virtual analysis of sustainability
Elena Bennett Natural Resource Sciences FAES Working with communities to design multifunctional landscapes
Anila Asghar Education EDU Making sustainability sciences central to our pedagogical practice
Catherine Potvin Biology SCI Climate action in Canada
Jill Baumgartner Epidemiology MED Measuring environmental exposures and their impacts on health and the environment
Larry Lessard Mechanical Eng ENG The Waste for Life Project
Jörg Kienzle Computer Science SCI Model-Driven Software Engineering and Sustainability
Tony Ricciardi Biology SCI The sustainability of globally accelerating rates of biological invasion
Name Department Faculty Lightning Talk Title
Peter Grutter Physics SCI Characterization of Energy Materials at the Nanoscale
Audrey Moores Chemistry SCI Sustainable design of nanoparticles
Raynald Gauvin Mining and Materials Engineering ENG New Revolutionary Electron Microscopy to Characterize critical metals and Lithium based materials for a greener future.
Nigel Roulet Geography SCI Carbon stewardship and northern development
Jeff Bergthorson Mechanical Engineering ENG Burning metals for zero-carbon power
Vedat Verter Operations Management MGMT The Impact of Regulation on Product Recovery
Chris Barrington-Leigh Economics ARTS Irreversible choices in the urban built environment
Madhav Badami Urban Planning/MSE ENG Urban Transport Research in India and North America
Gregor Fussman
Mathieu Blanchette
Melania Cristescu
Computer Science
SCI Multiple stressors on aquatic ecosystems: solutions from experimental ecology and genomics
Sylvie de Blois Plant Science FAES Sustaining biodiversity and ecological flows
Brian Robinson Geography SCI Ecosystem services, development, and livelihoods
Brian Leung Biology SCI Socio-ecological forecasting and integrative modeling
Benjamin Fung Information Studies ARTS Data Mining for Sustainable Smart Cities
Michael Jemtrud Architecture ENG Practices of Urban Resiliency
George Demopoulos Materials Engineering ENG Nanostructured electrodes for next generation solar energy conversion and storage cells via sustainable and scalable solution processing
Dror Etzion Strategy and Organizations/MSE MGMT How to manage grand challenges
Name Department Faculty Lightning Talk Title
Hamid Akbarzadeh Bioresource Engineering FAES Bioinspired Multifunctional and Multiphysical Materials for Sustainable Energy Production
Joann Whalen Natural Resource Sciences FAES Soil as a resource for sustaining future food and fuel demands
Don Smith Plant Science FAES Opportunities in the Phytomicrobiome (N2 fixation and beyond)
Olivia Wilkins Plant Science FAES Reprogramming regulatory networks in cereal crops to improve stress tolerance
Timothy Geary Institute of Parasitology FAES Sustainable parasite control in animal agriculture
Elsa Vasseur Animal Science FAES Systems Biology for Sustainable Agriculture
Benoit Boulet Electrical and Computer Engineering ENG Transport Electrification: CFI Autonomous EV Lab and Mac Campus Electric Shuttle Bus Project
Paul J. Thomassin Natural Resource Sciences FAES Integrating Bio-Physical and Economic Models to address Questions of Climate Change and Natural Capital
Mark Lefsrud Bioresource Engineering FAES Food Security in Northern Canada (FoodSINC)
Vikram Bhatt Architecture ENG Sustainability and Food Security: From projects to practice.
Murray Humphries Natural Resource Sciences FAES Northern Canada’s largest and least recognized sustainable development project.
Kyle Elliott Natural Resource Sciences FAES

Sustainability in a Changing Arctic Ocean

Nicoleta Uzea Natural Resource Sciences FAES Fostering Multi-Stakeholder Co-operation and Coordination for a Sustainable Food System
Richard Janda Law LAW Transforming Social Norms in the Anthropocene
Name Department Faculty Lightning Talk Title
Chris Regan Economics ARTS How channeling both Adam Smith and Bob Barker can improve the environment
Graham Macdonald Geography SCI Cross-scale perspectives on agriculture and sustainability
Nii Addy Strategy & Organization MGMT Food convergent innovation for sustainable health and wealth
Susan Gaskin Civil Engineering ENG Sustainability of water resources and the hydrosocial cycle
Adrian Vetta Mathematics and Statistics SCI Mechanism design for environmental sustainability
Parisa Ariya Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences SCI Natural airborne particles: understanding and implications in climate and health sciences
Nate Quitoriano Mining ENG Power generation with semi-conductors and thermal electrics
Tomislav Friscic Chemistry SCI Chemistry 2.0 or a new system of chemical synthesis
Sylvain Coulombe Chemical Engineering ENG Sustainable ammonia (NH3) synthesis
Sasha Omanovic Chemical Engineering ENG Sustainable and green production of hydrogen and ammonia.
Kevin Manaugh Geography SCI Cities, sustainability, and well-being
Jaye Ellis Law / MSE LAW Governance for sustainability: the science-policy interface
Name Department Faculty Lightning Talk Title
Dominic Frigon Civil Engineering ENG Beyond wastewater treatment: engineering microbial communities for resource recovery
Nathalie Tufenkji Chemical Engineering ENG Nano and biotechnologies for sustainability
Hans Larsson Biology/Redpath Museum SCI Novel ecotoxicology partnerships and McGill's northern reaches
Margaret Kalacksa Geography SCI Sustainability of water resources and diversity - a remote sensing approach
Gail Chmura Geography SCI Blue Carbon increases sustainability of coastlines and our climate while helping fund ecological restoration
Bernhard Lehner
Jim Nicell
Civil Engineering
Large-scale river and lake modeling to screen for water contamination and other eco-hydrological risks
Andy Gonzalez Biology SCI Evolutionary rescue and the sustainability of biodiversity
Andrew Hendry Biology /
Redpath Museum

Rapid evolution shapes ecosystem services and sustainability

David Wachsmuth Urban Planning ENG Can cities save the planet? The global politics of local sustainability
Peter Brown Natural Resource Sciences / MSE FAES Leadership for Planetary Survival: Toward Earth Economics
Philippe St-Jean Design Services Facilities McGill as a Living Campus
Camille Ouellet Dallaire Geography SCI Creating space for sustainability literacy outside the classroom
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