Graduate & Postdoc Collective


The MSSI Graduate & Postdoc Sustainability Research Collective (MSSI Collective) was established in 2020 to create a space for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to discuss their sustainability research, establish connections with one another, and develop as future sustainability researchers, innovators, and leaders. The MSSI Collective is governed by a steering committee, who is responsible for ensuring the execution of the collective's mandate. The MSSI Collective’s mandate is to: 

  • Create an interdisciplinary network of graduates and postdocs to share sustainability research and knowledge at McGill 

  • Create opportunities for graduates and postdocs to present and communicate their sustainability-related research outside of their disciplines 

  • Host sustainability research related events for members of the network 

If you are a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow interested in joining the MSSI Collective, please email mssi [at] (subject: Joining%20the%20MSSI%20Collective)  or join the MSSI as student of postdoc member.

Steering Committee Members

Xiang-Hua Kong, Research Liaison

Research: Design of Renewable Energy Material and Corresponding Architecture for Solar-fuel Applications including Water Splitting, CO2 Reduction and Nitrogen Fixation.

Department of Physics


Dongyun Jung, Research Liaison

Research: Finding marker genes of mammary pathogenic Escherichia coli (MPEC) and bovine udder commensal bacteria that protect the udder from MPEC.

Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry

Ashwini Sachindran, Events Coordinator

Research: Research on catalysts to help address the issues of energy consumption and CO2 emission through efficient and cost-effective electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide.

Chemical Engineering

Oacia Fair, Committee Coordinator

Research: Enhancing food and nutrition in the Caribbean through a case study in Nevis: Identifying barriers to procuring fresh produce from local farmers for the school meal programme to increase the supply of healthy produce in school meals and strengthen local food systems. 

Natural Resource Sciences Department

Karan Kumar, Committee Coordinator

Research: Projecting water use in agriculture in India using an Input-Output model.

Agricultural Economics (Natural Resource Sciences)

Ling Chen, Communications

Research: Legal institutions and education to deal with climate change.

Faculty of Law


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