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Paper Submission Guidelines for SIG Meetings

Paper Format

  • To facilitate a double-blind review, the paper should not contain author names.

  • The paper should be submitted as a PDF file.

  • The submitting author should be the presenter and will be considered the "primary author" in the system. Once your paper is accepted, you will upload a non-blinded paper with author names in the order they should appear.


  • The same work can be presented only once during the entire conference period. Therefore, please do not submit the same work to both SIG and INFORMS MSOM or to multiple SIGs.

  • If your paper is not accepted for presentation at the SIG Meeting, you may indicate (in the submission button linked below) that you would like to be considered for presentation at the INFORMS MSOM Conference. If the SIG chairs recommend your work for presentation at the INFORMS MSOM conference, you will be notified and asked to submit a 3-page extended abstract conforming to the guidelines for abstract submission for MSOM Conference. Your abstract instead of the full paper will be posted on the conference website.  (This avoids your work being identified as not accepted by SIGs.)

  • Each attendee is limited to one submission for the INFORMS MSOM conference, one submission for each SIG Meeting, and two presentations during the entire conference period.

  • Submitted papers will be selected for oral presentation by double-blinded reviews.

  • Additional guidelines may be announced by each SIG through the INFORMS MSOM Society email list.

Contact Information of SIG Chairs:

This year, for the first time, INFORMS MSOM SIG day is handled independently by the INFORMS MSOM society. Any questions regarding SIG day should be directed to SIG day chairs respectively.

Healthcare SIG Track:

Tolga Tezcan, Chair
Tolga.Tezcan [at]

Kenan Arifoglu, SIG Day Chair
k.arifoglu [at]

Song-Hee Kim, SIG Day Chair
songheekim [at]

iFORM SIG Track:

Andrew (Di) Wu, Chair
andydiwu [at]

Nitish Jain, SIG Day Chair
njain [at]

Gerry Tsoukalas, SIG Day Chair
gerryt [at]

Service Management SIG Track:

Laurens Debo, Chair
Laurens.G.Debo [at]

Zeynep Akşin, SIG Day Chair
zaksin [at]

Pnina Feldman, SIG Day Chair
pninaf [at]


Supply Chain Management SIG Track:

Zümbül Atan, Chair
Z.Atan [at]

Yimin Wang, SIG Day Chair
yimin_wang [at]

Zhu Leon Yang, SIG Day Chair
yzhu [at]

Sustainable Operations SIG Track:

Basak Kalkanci, Chair
kalkanci [at]

Saed Alizamir, SIG Day Chair
saed.alizamir [at]

Tarkan Tan, SIG Day Chair
tarkan.tan [at]

TIE SIG Track:

Morvarid Rahmani, Chair
morvarid.rahmani [at]

Tian Heong Chan, SIG Day Chair
tian.chan [at]

Jun Li, SIG Day Chair
junwli [at]


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