• MQHRG member, Dr. Lorie Kloda, is awarded the Medical Library Association, Donald A. B. Lindberg Research Fellowship to conduct a study on teaching OT and PT students an alternative to PICO.  Dr. Kloda is the first Canadian to receive this grant.
  • MQHRG members Sandra Peláez, Mary Ellen Macdonald, Crystal Noronha faciliate a peer-review workshop titled Who's afraid of Peer Review? Learning to Love the Challenge. To view the slides from the worshop's powerpoint presentation click here.pdf
  • MQHRG hosts Raissa Passos, visiting scholar from Brazil, during the Winter semester.


  • MQHRG hosts anthropologists Celeste Jerez and Luciano Uzal from the Centre for Research and Implementation in Palliative Care in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and nursing students Dario Valcarenghi (from Italy) and Martina Gießen-Scheidel (from Germany) during the fall semester.
  • MQHRG hosts Nicola Pagnucci and Angela Tolotti, two doctoral nursing student from Genoa, Italy, during the Winter/Spring semester.


  • MQHRG member Laura Bisaillon is awarded a 2013 Distinguished Dissertation Award, which recognizes unusally significant and original contribution in the Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. The dissertation was finalist in the International Institute of Qualitative Methodology's Dissertation Award for 2013.
  • Qualitative health researchers from McGill, including MQHRG member Melissa Park, report on their use of Participatory Action Reasarch (PAR) in their article 'Mental Health Consumers and Providers Dialogue in an Institutional Setting'
  • The MQHRG formed a Special Interest Group (SIG) on Phenomenology & Hermeneutics, to meet regularly throughout 2013. The aim of the group has been to review current qualitative methodologies that are based on Phenomenology & Hermeneutics, to identify their relative strengths and limits and outline the essential requirements for a strong qualitative methodology in this tradition. Click here to find out more!


  • The University of Ottawa awards MQHRG member Laura Bisaillon the The Governor General's Gold Medal for the most outstanding doctoral dissertation in the Humanities, and the Joseph De Koninck Prize awarded in recognition of a major contribution to knowledge in interdisciplinary studies, 2012. Laura's dissertation is titled Cordon Sanitaire or Healthy Policy? How Prospective Immigrants with HIV are Organized by Canada's Mandatory HIV Screening Policy. Amazing work, Laura! 
  • Former MQHRG member, Dr. Marion Roche, is named Grand Challenges Canada Star in Global Health for her research on the best way to deliver zinc and ORS tablets to vulerable children in Guatemala. Congratulations, Marion!

  • MQHRG Graduate students were invited to form an organizing committee to contribute to the IIQM’s 18th Qualitative Health Research Conference (October 2012, Montreal). Their hard work turned into a Graduate Student Reception sponsored by McGill’s Faculty of Dentistry: “Becoming a Qualitative Health Researcher: Navigating the Way Forward” featuring presentation by three MQHRG faculty members (Matthew Hunt, Franco Carnevale, and Mary Ellen Macdonald).

  • MQHRG welcomed Renata de Moura Bubadué, a nursing student from Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, in Santa Maria, Brazil, studying at McGill’s Ingram School of Nursing on a Science Without Borders Bursary, a joint initiative of the Brazilian Ministries of Science, Technology and Innovation as well as the Ministry of Education.



    • A panel of mentors convened to help work through methodological and ethical challenges. 

    • MQHRG submitted a White Paper to McGill Faculty of Medicine Research Design Group.

    • Visiting postdoctoral trainee Dr. Eneida Simões da Fonseca, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil presented her research in the area of education of children with special health care needs.

    • MQHRG hosted its first journal writing workshop designed to assist members in polishing manuscripts for submission to peer reviewed journals.

    • A special joint meeting with McGill’s Whole Person Care welcomed special guest Megan Wainwright, M.Sc., from Durham University, who presented her Masters research: “An Ethnographic Study in a Clinic for Patients with Functional Constipation”.

    • MQHRG went on a fieldtrip, holding its first meeting in the Faculty of Dentistry in the spirit of broadening its presence on campus. Doctoral candidate in Dental Sciences, Reem Alansari, presented her research.

    • MQHRG held its first Student Research (Half) Day where MQHRG members Sara Saunders (Physical and Occupational Therapy), William Affleck (Bioethics and Religious Studies), Lisa Chan (School of Nursing), and Laura Bissaillon (Population Health) presented their research projects.


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