MI4 Co-Funding Support for Grant Application

We are no longer accepting applications for 2023/2024!
Please revisit the website on a regular basis as we are working on securing additional funding.

The overarching goal of MI4 is to bring together investigators from across the McGill community and its partners to foster interdisciplinary research. With a re-focusing of its scope in 2022, MI4 supports efforts to discover, develop and implement innovative solutions for microbial threats to human health across the lifespan.

One component of the MI4 Strategic Plan is to enable investigators from the McGill community to apply for funding opportunities that require co-funding support. To this end, 2023's and 2024's funds have been committed and we are therefore no longer accepting new co-funding applications at this time. 

Researchers from within the McGill community are invited to submit applications for MI4 Co-Funding Support following the conditions and guidelines described in the Terms of Reference found below. MI4 encourages applications from investigators spanning the downtown campus, Macdonald campus, the McGill academic hospitals and their affiliated research institutes.

Applications are generally accepted on a rolling basis, but must be received at least 10 business days prior to the funding opportunity deadline.

Please contact the MI4 Program Manager to verify the availability of funds (all funds for 2023/2024 are currently committed).

Click here to access the Terms of Reference for MI4 Co-Funding Support for Grant Applications (PDF)

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