Group Members

Graduate Students

Véronique Fortier, MSc (PhD candidate, Biomedical Engineering)

Alex Ensworth (MSc student, Medical Physics)

Anastasia Kolokotronis (MSc student, Medical Physics)

Dipal Patel (MSc student, Medical Physics)

Marc-Antoine Fortin (MSc student, Medical Physics)

Jorge Campos (MSc student, Medical Physics)


Zaki Ahmed (PhD Physics, 2020)

Stella Xing (PhD Physics, 2020)

Eva Alonso Ortiz (PhD Physics, 2017, co-supervised with Bruce Pike, PhD)

Mithunan Modchalingam (MSc Medical Physics, 2017)

Mikaël Simard (MSc Medical Physics, 2016)

Hossein Jafarzadeh (undergraduate student, 2019, 2020)

Julien Mégrourèche (undergraduate student, 2017)

Thomas Rosin (undergraduate student, 2016)


Previous group pictures


From left to right: Marc-Antoine Fortin, Zaki Ahmed, VéroniqueFortier, Ives Levesque and Stella Xing


From left to right: Ives Levesque, Mithunan Modchalingam, Stella Xing, Julien Mégrourèche, Véronique Fortier and Zaki Ahmed


From left to right: Eva Alonso Ortiz, Mikaël Simard, Véronique Fortier, Ives Levesque, Thomas Rosin, Zaki Ahmed, Stella Xing and Mithunan Modchalingam


From left to right: Stella Xing, Véronique Fortier, Ives Levesque, Mikaël Simard and Zaki Ahmed


From left to right: Zaki Ahmed, Mikaël Simard, Ives Levesque, Eva Alonso Ortiz and Stella Xing

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