Recommendations - How to Dress for Video Recordings

What to wear

To bring out healthy skin tones and to not create visual distractions, you may wear:

  • Solid shades
  • Non-white solid-colored shirts/blouses
  • Bright, pastel or simple solid colors
  • Button-down shirts or sweaters are recommended to easily attach the microphone onto your clothing


What not to wear

  • Avoid bright oranges or reds
  • Do not wear white
  • Do not wear black
  • Avoid patterns: checks, hounds-tooth, bold patterns, geometric shapes, pin stripes, herringbone patterns and small intricate designs patterns "jump", "buzz" and/or "vibrate" in the camera's eye
  • Avoid jewelry or anything that reflects, glints, shines or is noisy
  • Avoid turtlenecks, t-shirts or any sweater without buttons - we will have a very hard time fastening the microphone onto your clothing

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