Policy on Housing Accredited Programs on Commercial Sites

In compliance with current CPD standards and as per directives provided by our regulatory bodies, an accredited/certified program cannot be hosted/housed on a commercial website that is considered to be interconnected with the healthcare industry. These include entities that develop, produce, market, resell, or distribute drugs, devices, products, or other health care goods, services, or therapies that may be prescribed to patients or ordered by doctors in the diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, management, or palliation of health conditions.

Types of organizations that are considered to be healthcare industry:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical device companies
  • Medical and surgical supply companies
  • Producers of non-prescription health care products
  • Nutrition companies (such as, makers of infant formula, nutritional supplements)
  • Pharmacies, diet, fitness, and weight-loss companies;
  • Prosthetic and orthotic stores, hearing-test centres, home care companies, etc.
  • Clinical services that are owned or controlled by any of the above-mentioned entities

An accredited/certified program may be hosted/housed on websites of organizations which have developed the online platform using Internet technology for teaching and learning purposes.

Criteria to follow

An accredited/certified program URL may include the name of the organization which has developed the online platform, however the accredited/certified program must have a distinct URL:

  • The URL should direct participants or potential participants to the accredited/certified program page and not the main landing page of the platform developer organization
  • The URL used on promotional materials such as, invitations, save the dates, etc… must guide participants directly to the accredited/certified program page

McGill CPD Office Guidelines on use of Charts, Tables, Graphs, etc..

Copyright policies, copyright permissions are required to use charts, graphs, etc…. from journals, researchers, etc... – unless permission to use was granted

When to request to replicate/recreate?

McGill CPD Office Guidelines on Unpublished references

Unpublished research includes work in progress, work submitted for publication but not yet published, or work that has been completed but not submitted for publication.

Citing or identifying unpublished work must be prepared the same as citing or identifying published work. The reference must include the author’s last name, and the year the work is in progress or was completed.

Example: Unpublished data, Epub ahead of print, etc... Courtesy of NAMEXXX – YEARXXXX

Note: authors are protected by copyright law against unauthorized use of their unpublished research. Until their work is published, authors own the copyright to their work, and you may not use it without their permission.

References that are not permitted: ‘personal communication’ or ‘SPC opinion’ and no other similar references

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