Simulation Activity - Reflective Tool Template

Comparable to real-life situations, Simulation activities allow participants to demonstrate, and receive feedback on, their application of knowledge (scientific and tacit), clinical reasoning, communication and problem-solving, as well as their ability to collaborate and work effectively in a health care team.

Simulations may be included as a component of a broader educational program, a series, or as a stand-alone simulation program.

Credits can be claimed under MOC Section 3 Simulation activity, if the development, planning and implementation of the activity has been reviewed and approved by a Royal College-accredited CPD provider.

After completing sessions on simulation learning, this reflective tool or a tool containing similar reflection indications, may be completed individually, or with the help of the instructor. This is a reflection for your own learning and does not need to be submitted for review.

Sample Reflection Questions

  1. Describe your knowledge or skills that you felt were consistent with current evidence.
  2. Describe opportunities for improvement that you have identified during the simulation.
  3. What learning strategies will you pursue to address the areas for improvement?
  4. Describe an action plan to implement proposed improvements, including any anticipated barriers to change.

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