Personal Learning Plan (PLP)

MOC Section 2 Self-learning (Planned Learning) - 2 credits per hour

A Personal Learning Project (PLP) is a self-initiated learning activity that is stimulated by a question, issue or dilemma in your professional practice. For example, PLPs can be created based on updating your knowledge to prepare a presentation, further research after reading a journal article or after participating in a point-of-care activity. They can be inspired by any aspect of your professional practice or CanMEDS Roles and are flexible and adaptable within any learning context.


Step 1: Question development - Review the learning objectives of each session and define 2-3 questions.

Step 2: Develop a Learning Plan - The plan could include the following:

  • Reading any pre-circulated material
  • Attending specific group sessions at the activity
  • Accessing other relevant resources

At the conference

The formal (plenary session, large and small group activities) and informal (collegial discussions at breaks or over lunch) activities are resources you can leverage to answer the question(s) you developed. Record any ideas or evidence that contributed to your learning during the activity.

After the conference

Step 3: Defining the Learning Outcomes - Reflect on what you have done and determined:

  • You have learned enough to answer the question(s) you raised OR
  • You need to modify your learning plan and continue learning by exploring additional resources

The conclusions or outcomes you reach for your professional practice can include:

  • Confirming your current knowledge, skills or practice
  • Expanding your knowledge, skills, competencies or attitudes
  • Changing some aspect of your practice
  • Enhancing your performance or improving practice outcomes

Step 4: Documenting ‘what you learned’ in MAINPORT

MOC Section 2: Planned Learning

You will be provided with two options:

MAINPORT Mandatory Fields

  • The question or issue you defined
  • The learning outcome or conclusion you reached
  • The date the project was completed
  • The total time (in hours) you spent learning

MAINPORT Optional Fields

  • The resource(s) you used to learn
  • Link the PLP to individual CanMEDS Role

Recording time completing the activity in MAINPORT (15 minute increments are acceptable) - For example:

  • 15 minutes developing a question and creating a learning plan
  • 2 hours reading pre-circulated material
  • 2 hours attending the group learning session relevant to your question
  • 15 minutes reflecting on and identifying the conclusion for your practice
  • 15 minutes recording the PLP in MAINPORT

Total Time = 4.75 hours (enter 4.75 in MAINPORT) – MAINPORT will automatically calculate 9.5 credits


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