McGill Mentorships in Healthcare

McGill Mentorships in Healthcare (MMH) is a non-profit initiative offering longitudinal mentorship and skill-building workshops for CEGEP students from backgrounds that are currently underrepresented in health professional programs at McGill University.

The mission of MMH is to empower CEGEP students from Black, Indigenous, rural, and lower socioeconomic backgrounds to pursue careers in healthcare. Spearheaded by students who are currently enrolled in health-related programs at McGill and who identify with one or more of these underrepresented groups, MMH aims to foster strength and build resilience in CEGEP students by facilitating mentoring relationships that are based on similarly lived experiences, and by providing workshops on individual development planning and personal, academic, and professional skill-building. The goal of MMH is to nurture the potential of students from underrepresented groups by ensuring they receive optimal exposure and targeted support during critical periods in their personal and academic lives.

Working under the guidance of McGill’s Widening Participation Committee and the Social Accountability and Community Engagement office, the vision of MMH is to make health professional programs within McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences more representative of the communities that their graduates will ultimately serve.

To get involved as a mentor or mentee, or for any questions about our program, please contact us at mentorshipsinhealthcare [at]


Meet the MMH Team:

Brittany Acheampong (Nursing)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Candidate, Class of 2022

Fun fact: I love fitness, nutrition, and dancing.

Favourite saying: people will forget what you said,

people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Christina Antinora (Medicine)
MDCM Candidate, Class of 2022

Fun Fact: I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 years and my diet consists almost entirely of pasta and coffee.

If I wasn’t pursuing a career in healthcare…: I was going to be a veterinarian (and was very close to choosing this path over medicine!)

Connor Prosty (Medicine)

MDCM Candidate, Class of 2024

Fun Fact: I eat at least two apples a day and I am a huge green apple snob.

If I wasn’t pursuing a career in healthcare…: I would have been a science and math teacher.

Caitlin Stoddart (Medicine)
MDCM Candidate, Class of 2022

Fun Fact: I cannot walk by a cat without stopping to try and pet it.

If I wasn’t pursuing a career in healthcare…: I would probably be working as a feature writer for a newspaper or magazine.

Dahlia Thompson
PhD Candidate, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Fun Fact: Is it strange that I think the best present I ever got was an Oxford Dictionary?

Favorite saying: “Every day represents a new slate, a new chance to be the best version of yourself.”

Shan Wang (Nursing)
BNI U2 Candidate, Class of 2022

Fun Fact: I published a short story on the value of life as part of my IB Personal Project.

Favorite saying: “It does not matter who you are or where you are from. We are all children of the world.”

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