Recent reviews of book by RGCS faculty


Published: 2Sep2019

Reviews of Arash Abizadeh, Hobbes and the Two Faces of Ethics


Ioannis Evrigenis, in Perspectives on Politics


Devin Stauffer, in Political Theory


Luc Fosineau, Collége de France Books & Ideas



Reviews of Catherine Lu, Justice and Reconciliation in World Politics


Marija Antanaviciute, LSE Review of Books


Symposium in Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy


Magali Bessone, Collége de France Books & Ideas


Reviews of William Clare Roberts, Marx's Inferno


Vanessa Wills, Theory & Event


Lucie Mercier and George Tomlinson, The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory


Reviews of Yves Winter, Machiavelli and the Orders of Violence


Elizabeth Frazer, Contemporary Political Theory


Catherine Zuckert, Review of Politics


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