Lorenz Lüthi's book was selected as one of "The books one should have read in 2020" (Les livres qu’il faut avoir lus en 2020) by "Le Grant Continent," Paris

Book Front - Cold Wars, Asia, The Middle East, Europe Lorenz M. Lüthi
Published: 26 January 2021

The usual Cold War narratives focus on the Soviet-American rivalry as if the superpowers were the only driving forces in the international system. Lorenz M. Lüthi offers a radically different narrative, restoring a role for regional powers in Asia, the Middle East and Europe and revealing how regional and national developments shaped the course of the Cold War.

The premise of this list is - The circulation of ideas for the construction of a political Europe requires the articulation and understanding of new concepts and theoretical proposals essential to grasp the transformation of the contemporary geopolitical configuration.

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