Julia Gersovitz and Andrew King appointed Professors of Practice

Published: 1Nov2019

Julia Gersovitz and Andrew King have each been appointed as Professor of Practice at the Peter Guo-hua Fu School of Architecture at McGill University. The Provost, Christopher Manfredi, confirmed...

"Catholic Imperialism & the Revolutions of 1989: How Western Europe's Christian Democrats Tried, and Failed, to Recast Eastern Europe in their own Image."


RGTGM lecture By Piotr Kosicki, Prof. of History, University of Maryland at College Park  /lin-centreCategory: Academic seminars and lectures Academic talks and conferences Dept. of History

Prof. Vikram Bhatt inducted into Royal Society of Canada

Published: 11Sep2019

Prof. Vikram Bhatt is one of nine McGill researchers and scholars out of a total of 93 new Fellows inducted into the Royal Society of Canada (RSC). Established in 1883, the RSC consists of over 2...

Human rights and dignity


Human rights and dignity : discussion of books by Pablo Gilabert (Concordia) and Andrea Sangiovanni (King’s College London and EUI)

Lin Centre Emeritus Member Charles Taylor co-recipient of 2019 Ratzinger Prize

Published: 7Oct2019

Charles Taylor, CC, GOQ, FRSC, FBA, McGill BA 1952, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at McGill, former Professor of Political Science at McGill, and the only emeritus member of the Yan P. Lin...

"Does Justice Require Open Borders?"


RGGJ Book lecture and round-table with Sarah Song (Berkeley) 


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